”Uncertainty and Structural Mechanical Engineering Optimization“

Our expertise

Uncertainty in Mechanical Engineering

LMN Lab research activities focus on uncertainty analysis in mechanics modeling and structure optimization. LMN Lab aims at implementing design and dimensioning methods to ensure safe, reliable and solid structures able to manage variability, dispersions, inaccuracies and uncertainties.

Our application sectors

Probabilistic mechanics and reliability

Fully committed to reliability, the LMN researchers address experimental, digital and theoretical aspects of mechanical structure optimization. Their research is based on structures in harsh, hazardous or uncertain environments.

Safety at the heart of our applications

The LMN key research topics include reliability optimization, characterization and causal analysis of failures, calculation of design uncertainties and systems analysis involving random aspects. Specific interest is devoted to structures which are subject to damage as a result of harsh environments driven by randomness or uncertainty. A major part of our research involves partnerships with companies operating in automotive, aeronautics, mechanical and civil engineering industries

A global laboratory

Our research work, which is valued as innovation and know-how enhancer, covers a wide range of topics selected in conjunction with academic and economic partners, leading research organizations and French and global institutions. 


Companies and institutions boost their innovation capacity through LMN’s broad expertise: research and service contracts, laboratory sharing, thesis supervision, etc. Leading companies operating in automotive, aeronautics, electronics, acoustics industries and SMEs can benefit from a wealth of technological advancements and know-how by means of collaborative practices.


The LMN has signed partnerships with a number of national and international research networks, e.g. the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and Mechanics, the European Safety and Reliability Data Association and the French Campus Composites Avancés Normand.

Working with Mové'o - a competitive cluster and INSA Rouen Normandie partner - our laboratory develops innovative collaborative projects focused on electronic components for embedded systems. At local level, we partnered with several laboratories committed to:

• enhancement of joint multidisciplinary research topics

• sharing of skills

• joint equipment and resources management

• research value creation

• strengthening of industrial or services relationships

• fostering entrepreneurship


The LMR has forged a large number of international collaborations. Its partners include leading foreign researchers offering a solid expertise.

Each year, we supervise doctoral and postdoctoral students from various continents.
We promote mobility among our researchers and welcome visiting professors from international laboratories (Brazil, Morocco).

We provide cutting-edge skills and high-tech innovation-driven equipment.

The LMN includes research professors, associate professors of various nationalities and researchers working in industry.

Located in the INSA Rouen Normandie premises, the laboratory is equipped to perform non-contact measures of mechanics fields, static and vibration mechanics tests, as well as modeling and optimization.